Martin Kalwei

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Modern solid state nuclear magnetic resonance presents new powerful opportunities for the elucidation of medium range order in glasses in the sub-nanometer region. In contrast to standard chemical shift spectroscopy, the strategy presented here is based on the precise measurement and quantitative analysis of internuclear magnetic dipole-dipole interactions,(More)
We report (13)C-(27)Al double resonance experiments (REDOR and TRAPDOR) on several aluminum organic compounds with the aim of detecting (13)C-(27)Al dipolar couplings and distances in solids. The (13)C and (27)Al pulses are applied to the same probe channel because their resonance frequencies are in close proximity. The different possibilities of(More)
The development of non-petrochemical sources for the plastics industry continues to progress as large multinationals focus on renewable resources to replace fossil carbon. Many bacteria are known to accumulate polyoxoesters as water-insoluble granules in the cytoplasm. The thermoplastic and/or elastomeric behaviour of these biodegradable polymers holds(More)
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