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The paper presents a new form of indiscernibility relation based on graph. Based on widely accepted definitions of indiscernibility relation and its matrix representation, it has been shown how the indiscernibility relations can be obtained by a graph. The application of the indiscernibility graph enables the partitioning of the universe of objects(More)
This paper represents a follow-up to the first author's BCI 2013 paper on the topic of localization in an e-learning framework and as such it discusses the implementation of the solution proposed therein. The motivation for these papers is the problem of morphology in Western Balkans (or any other morphology-dependent) languages which imposes an additional(More)
Rough set theory has become an important mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainty in data. The data discretization is one of the main problems to be solved in the process of synthesis of decision rules from table-organized data. In this paper, we present a new discretization method in the context of supervised training. This method is based on the(More)
– TDMA-based MAC protocols, in its traditional form, suffer from low channel utilization and high message delay because of a long frame length needed to provide collision-free transmissions. In this paper, we introduce a class of TDMA-based protocols, called reduced-frame TDMA, which allow conflicting slot assignments, but provide every TDMA slot with a(More)
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