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The fine periodicity of I-band was measured in single fibers of glycerinated rabbit psoas muscle, in relaxed, activated and rigor states at short (2.5 microns) and long (3.2 microns) sarcomere lengths. Measurements were carried out using fast Fourier transforms obtained from I-band regions of digitized electron micrographic images. The mean periodicity,(More)
In this paper, we prove the precise computational complexity of deciding satisfiability of first-order quantified formulas over the theory of fixed-size bit-vectors. This problem is known to be solvable in exponential space and to be NEXPTIME-hard. We show that this problem is complete for the complexity class AEXP(poly) – the class of problems decidable by(More)
The dependence of SNR on operating voltage at low light intensities was investigated in PM's of box-and-grid and venetian-blind structure, utilizing both the photon-counting and the dc methods of detection. SNR was found to be reasonably constant at both tube types in the tested range of operating voltages with the dc method of detection. In the(More)
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