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In this paper, a complete dynamical model for a bioprocess in pharmaceutical industry is proposed. The obtained model is bilinear and hybrid. Thus, the process forms a good application example for both, the field of bilinear systems and the field of hybrid systems. It is therefore possible to improve the control system performance by using nonlinear hybrid(More)
In this paper the performance of a new algorithm for path-planning of autonomous mobile robots is presented. This algorithm, SIA, is based on the Structured Intelligence Approach, which combines theories on genesis and classification of intelligent behavior in a transdisciplinary manner. The SIA utilizes available knowledge about the environment and handles(More)
This paper describes the design and the setup of a portable low-cost real-time control system. All design decisions as well as the solutions to all practical problems, arisen during the implementation phase, are described in detail; therefore, this paper can serve as a guideline, helping the reader to have own systems up and running sooner.
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