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In this paper, a complete dynamical model for a bioprocess in pharmaceutical industry is proposed. The obtained model is bilinear and hybrid. Thus, the process forms a good application example for both, the field of bilinear systems and the field of hybrid systems. It is therefore possible to improve the control system performance by using nonlinear hybrid(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is a severe inflammatory disorder with a high mortality in intensive care units mostly due to multiorgan failure. Mitochondrial dysfunction is regarded as a key factor involved in the pathogenesis of septic disorders, leading to a decline in energy supply. The aim of the present study was to evaluate whether application of short-chain(More)
One of the major drawbacks of chemotherapeutics is their insufficient penetration through cell membranes due to a high hydrophobicity. Thus, we have synthesized a series of selected nucleolipid derivatives of 5-fluorouridine (5-FUrd; 2a), carrying lipophilic moieties at N(3) and/or in the 2',3'-O-position (i.e., 3a-7a and 3c), and tested their(More)