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The goal of this research was to examine the developmental effects on zebrafish embryos (Brachydanio rerio) when cryoprotectants were directly microinjected into the yolk. Our objectives were to: (i) determine the final concentration of propylene glycol (PG) and dimethyl sulfoxide (Me(2)SO) that the embryos could tolerate without causing teratogenic(More)
It is important that forensic pathologists are familiar with variations in the size and shape of the laryngohyoid complex when interpreting injuries and pathology of the head and neck region. Accurate postmortem examination of the laryngohyoid structures may be difficult if anatomical variation in these structures is present. Agenesis of the upper horns of(More)
Declaration Hereby I declare, that this paper is my original authorial work, which I have worked out by my own. All sources, references and literature used or excerpted during elaboration of this work are properly cited and listed in complete reference to the due source. Acknowledgement I am very grateful to my advisor, Ing. Petr Adámek, for his support and(More)
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