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We discuss 2f production at LC energies (f = t). This type of reaction has a big event number and may give interesting hints to the existence and perhaps to details of New Physics like susy, LQ, Z', etc. For any search the radiative corrections have to be controlled carefully. An interesting challenge for theoreticians could also be the Giga–Z option of the(More)
After 10 years of steadily increasing the experimental precision at LEP/SLC, there is a strong demand on an update of existing programs for fermion pair production. We present a rederivation of the O(α) Bremsstrahlung corrections to e + e − → ¯ f f for the semi-analytic program ZFITTER. We focus on observables like total cross section and forward-backward(More)
A selection of 39 strains of micromycetes known as good degraders of polychlorinated aromatic compounds, mostly isolated from soil and belonging to various taxonomic groups, have been investigated for fluoranthene degradation. Toxicity assays, first evaluated on solid medium MEA, have not shown any toxicity of fluoranthene (1-100 mg.L-1) towards fungi.(More)
The past ten years of physics with e + e − colliding experiments at LEP and SLAC [1] have shown the success of these experiments on not only impressively proving the theoretical predictions of the Standard Model (SM), but also to help provide stringent bounds on physics beyond the SM. With this experience in mind, there appear two equally fascinating(More)
We derive compact analytical formulae of the Bonneau-Martin type for the reaction e + e − → ¯ f f γ with cuts on minimal energy and acollinearity of the fermions, where the photons may be emitted both from the initial or final states. Soft-photon exponentiation is also taken into account. One of the cleanest scattering processes at elementary particle(More)
CSIRO advises that the information contained in this publication comprises general statements based on scientific research. The reader is advised and needs to be aware that such information may be incomplete or unable to be used in any specific situation. No reliance or actions must therefore be made on that information without seeking prior expert(More)
The effect of exercise on visual field sensitivity was investigated for both static and kinetic visual fields using the Humphrey Field Analyser (HFA). The visual fields of 20 young visually normal subjects were measured before and after a 10-min controlled period of exercise. Ten of these 20 subjects then formed a control group, where the same experimental(More)
We discuss predictions for the lepton-flavour changing decays Z → eµ, µτ, eτ which may be searched for at the Giga–Z option of the Tesla Linear Collider project with Z resonance production rates as high as 10 9. We try to be as model-independent as possible and consider both the Dirac and Majorana mass cases. The Standard Model, if being minimally extended(More)