Martin J. Wolfsegger

Barbara Dietrich1
Jackie A Kunzler1
1Barbara Dietrich
1Jackie A Kunzler
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Pharmacokinetic studies are commonly performed using the two-stage approach. The first stage involves estimation of pharmacokinetic parameters such as the area under the concentration versus time curve (AUC) for each analysis subject separately, and the second stage uses the individual parameter estimates for statistical inference. This two-stage approach(More)
Statistical comparison of organ weights between treated and untreated animals have traditionally been used to predict potential toxicity for patients. The manner of presentation of organ weight data, and the value of statistical analyses have been topics of discussion. Historically, a decision tree approach has been applied for statistical comparison of(More)
Estimating pharmacokinetic parameters in the presence of an endogenous concentration is not straightforward as cross-reactivity in the analytical methodology prevents differentiation between endogenous and dose-related exogenous concentrations. This article proposes a novel intuitive modeling approach which adequately adjusts for the endogenous(More)
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