Martin J. Wojtowicz

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Increasing evidence suggests that deficits in adult stem cell maintenance cause aberrant tissue repair and premature aging [1]. While the mechanisms regulating stem cell longevity are largely unknown, recent studies have implicated p53 and its family member p63. Both proteins regulate organismal aging [2-4] as well as survival and self-renewal of tissue(More)
We investigated the p53 status and the ability of exogenous wildtype (wt) p53 to affect chemosensitivity in three anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell lines (BHT-101, SW-1736, and KAT-4). All three cell lines had nonfunctional p53. Treatment with mitomycin C or adriamycin did not result in accumulation of p53 or induction of p21WAF1/CIP1 or Mdm-2 and did not(More)
Normal adults (32 males and 32 females) were tested for time-of-day related shifts in laterality and priming on two dichotic listening tasks using consonant-vowel combinations (CVs) and musical melodies. The predicted time-of-day effect on melodies was due to males showing low report in the morning, but not the afternoon, suggesting increased right(More)
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