Martin J. Reed

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This paper presents a comparative study of two well-known network simulators: OPNET Modeler and Ns-2. Other studies in this area have generally been confined to just one simulator. The motivation of this paper is to provide a guide to researchers undertaking packet-level network simulations. The simulator outputs were compared to the output from a live(More)
—This paper presents a proposition for information-centric networking (ICN) that lies outside the typical trajectory of aiming for a wholesale replacement of IP as the internetworking layer of the Internet. Instead, we propose that a careful exploitation of key ICN benefits, expanding previously funded ICN efforts, will enable individual operators to(More)
—Multicast data delivery can significantly reduce traffic in operators' networks, but has been limited in deployment due to concerns such as the scalability of state management. This paper shows how multicast can be implemented in contemporary software defined networking (SDN) switches, with less state than existing unicast switching strategies, by(More)
An algorithm is introduced that performs stereophonic acoustic echo cancellation (SAEC) for systems using pairwise panning of a single monophonic source to provide the effect of spatialisation. The technique exploits the inherent high correlation between the loudspeaker signals, unlike other general SAEC techniques, which try to utilise any small(More)