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Lake 227, a small lake in the Precambrian Shield at the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), has been fertilized for 37 years with constant annual inputs of phosphorus and decreasing inputs of nitrogen to test the theory that controlling nitrogen inputs can control eutrophication. For the final 16 years (1990-2005), the lake was fertilized with phosphorus alone.(More)
Mechanistic insight into the photo-induced solvent substitution reaction of cis-[Ru(bipyridine)2(nicotinamide)2](2+) (1) is presented. Complex 1 is a photoactive species, designed to display high cytotoxicity following irradiation, for potential use in photodynamic therapy (photochemotherapy). In Ru(II) complexes of this type, efficient population of a(More)
The method of Monte Carlo configuration interaction (MCCI) (Greer, J. Chem. Phys. 1995a, 103, 1821; Tong, Nolan, Cheng, and Greer, Comp. Phys. Comm. 2000, 142, 132) is applied to the calculation of multipole moments. We look at the ground and excited state dipole moments in carbon monoxide. We then consider the dipole of NO, the quadrupole of N2 and of BH.(More)
Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy was used to obtain new information about the dynamics of electronic relaxation in gas-phase indole and 5-hydroxyindole following UV excitation with femtosecond laser pulses centred at 249 nm and 273 nm. Our analysis of the data was supported by ab initio calculations at the coupled cluster and complete-active-space(More)
We describe a general scheme to obtain force-field parameters for classical molecular dynamics simulations of conjugated polymers. We identify a computationally inexpensive methodology for calculation of accurate intermonomer dihedral potentials and partial charges. Our findings indicate that the use of a two-step methodology of geometry optimization and(More)
Approximate natural orbitals are investigated as a way to improve a Monte Carlo configuration interaction (MCCI) calculation. We introduce a way to approximate the natural orbitals in MCCI and test these and approximate natural orbitals from Møller-Plesset perturbation theory and quadratic configuration interaction with single and double substitutions in(More)
Crossed McMurry reactions of bifuran- or bithiophenedicarbaldehydes with bipyrroledicarbaldehydes have been studied for the first time. Only those porphycenic macrocycles derived from homocoupled McMurry products were formed. The results are explained by using both density functional theory and electron propagator computations to model the electron affinity(More)
We present a new approach to investigate how the photodynamics of an octahedral ruthenium(II) complex activated through two-photon absorption (TPA) differ from the equivalent complex activated through one-photon absorption (OPA). We photoactivated a Ru(II) polypyridyl complex containing bioactive monodentate ligands in the photodynamic therapy window(More)
We present a method for analyzing the curvature (second derivatives) of the conical intersection hyperline at an optimized critical point. Our method uses the projected Hessians of the degenerate states after elimination of the two branching space coordinates, and is equivalent to a frequency calculation on a single Born-Oppenheimer potential-energy(More)
Linear response functions are implemented for a vibrational configuration interaction state allowing accurate analytical calculations of pure vibrational contributions to dynamical polarizabilities. Sample calculations are presented for the pure vibrational contributions to the polarizabilities of water and formaldehyde. We discuss the convergence of the(More)