Martin J. Nichols

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An investigation, carried out to establish whether auditory evoked potentials (AEP's) are due to phase reordering of the background electroencephalogram or to an additive signal, is described. New phase reordered and additive models of the AEP were introduced and used in conjunction with the techniques of angular statistics. It was established that all of(More)
A quantitative assessment of both computerised correlation and analogue techniques for the removal of eye movement artefact from the electroencephalogram was undertaken. In both methods a fraction of the measured EOGs was subtracted from the measured EEG to leave the corrected EEG. In the correlation method the correction factors were computed from the(More)
Pattern recognition techniques and the statistics of directional data have been applied to a repetitive waveform to differentiate between subject categories. Normal subjects and Huntington's Chorea patients were distinguished by comparing the patterns in the summarized results of statistical tests applied to the Fourier harmonics of their contingent(More)
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