Martin J Mitchell

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Aim. The purpose of this study was to determine the neuromuscular fatigue profiles during 100 s isometric (ISO), concentric (CON), and eccentric (ECC) activity.Methods. Twelve subjects (age 25.1+/-3.7 years, mass 70.1+/-8.2 kg, mean+/-SD) performed ISO, CON and ECC maximal voluntary contractions and 100 s endurance trials on an isokinetic dynamometer. Raw(More)
OBJECTIVES This study set out to pursue means of reducing mismatch in schoolboy rugby players. The primary objective was to determine whether application of previously reported thresholds of height and grip strength could be used to distinguish those 15-year-old boys appropriate to play under-18 school rugby from their peers. A secondary objective was to(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The effect of temporal lobe transection area, volume of postoperative gliosis, and surgical technique on patients' seizure-free outcome is unknown. The authors studied the effects of these variables on patients' seizure-free outcome. METHODS A retrospective review of magnetic resonance imaging examinations acquired 3 to 18 months(More)
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