Martin J. McHugh

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External hexagonal implants of known dimensions were assembled with premachined cast abutments and rebroached cast abutments. The abutment screws were tightened to 20 Ncm and 30 Ncm, and the samples were loaded off axis with 133.3 N. Load application was at 1,150 cycles per minute with a sample counterclockwise rotation of 28 cycles per minute. The(More)
The Q(weak) experiment has measured the parity-violating asymmetry in ep elastic scattering at Q(2)=0.025(GeV/c)(2), employing 145 μA of 89% longitudinally polarized electrons on a 34.4 cm long liquid hydrogen target at Jefferson Lab. The results of the experiment's commissioning run, constituting approximately 4% of the data collected in the experiment,(More)
BACKGROUND Cannabis use shows a robust dose-dependent relationship with psychosis risk among the general population. Despite this, it has been difficult to link cannabis use with risk for transitioning to a psychotic disorder among individuals at ultra-high risk (UHR) for psychosis. The present study examined UHR transition risk as a function of cannabis(More)
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