Martin J. Johnson

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We propose a mixed structure to form cascades for AdaBoost classifiers, where parallel strong classifiers are trained for each layer. The structure allows for rapid training and guarantees high hit rates without changing the original threshold. We implemented and tested the approach for two datasets from UCI [1], and compared results of binary classifiers(More)
This paper presents some performance results obtained from a new Beowulf cluster, the Helix, built at Massey University, Auckland funded by the Allan Wilson Center for Evolutionary Ecology. Issues concerning network latency and the effect of the switching fabric and network topology on performance are discussed. In order to assess how the system performed(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the maximum tolerated dose of ABT-510, a thrombospondin-1 mimetic drug with antiangiogenic properties, when used concurrently with temozolomide and radiotherapy in patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma. DESIGN Phase 1 dose-escalation clinical trial. SETTING Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Alabama at Birmingham.(More)
In this paper a feature extraction method based on moment invariants was applied to handwritten digits' recognition. The features are computed using 15 special Summed-area Tables (SATs), which allows for fast computation at different positions and angles. The feature extraction method uses moments up to the 4 th order, it can increase the number of features(More)
Kevin J. Moon A digital realisation of two-dimensional self-organising feature maps is presented. The method is based on subspace classification using an n-tuple technique. Weight vector approximation and orthogonal projections to produce a winner-takes-all network are also discussed. Over one million effective binary weights can be applied in 25ms using a(More)
Parallel computing at all levels is becoming important in all devices and not least in mobile and embedded systems. Many wireless, mobile and deployable devices make use of the ARM CPU and its variants. We report on investigations into measuring instruction level parallelism on the ARM processor and on characterising the fine grained parallelism of four(More)