Martin J George

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Single cells in the primary somatosensory (Sm1) cortex were investigated for responses to bilateral hindpaw stimulation in Wistar rats anaesthetised by continuous intravenous administration of Althesin. Fifty-one percent of cells sampled (N = 134) responded to equivalent punctate mechanical stimuli delivered to both the contralateral and ipsilateral(More)
Rapid-scanning x-ray fluorescence (RS-XRF) is a synchrotron technology that maps multiple metals in tissues by employing unique hardware and software to increase scanning speed. RS-XRF was validated by mapping and quantifying iron, zinc and copper in brain slices from Parkinson's disease (PD) and unaffected subjects. Regions and structures in the brain were(More)
Spontaneous and cutaneously driven unit activity was recorded in the hindfoot region of rat Sm1 neocortex under controlled intravenous infusion, at three selected rates, of the steroid anesthetic agent Althesin. Increasing depth of anesthesia decreased average spontaneous firing rates of 67 single units from 2.5 to 11 Hz during light anesthesia to 0 to 2.5(More)
The use of epidurally administered opioids to control postoperative pain is a well established and widely accepted technique. However, despite this longstanding use, there is still an ongoing debate concerning the site of action of the opioids used. Some argue that analgesia is mediated by a spinal mechanism and others that a supraspinal mechanism is(More)
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