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This study identifies the most sensitive electrocardiographic leads for monitoring ST-segment changes caused by acute coronary ischemia. The data set consisted of 120-lead electrocardiograms (ECGs) digitally recorded during balloon-inflation angioplasty in 3 groups of patients with single-vessel disease (left anterior descending [LAD], 32; right coronary(More)
A major route for the spread of ovarian cancer is by the attachment of tumour cells to the mesothelium lining in the peritoneal cavity. The expression of various adhesion molecules has been measured on freshly-prepared mesothelial cells, two mesothelial cells lines and 13 established ovarian tumour cell lines. The integrins beta 1 and beta 3, ICAM-1, and(More)
The era of gene discovery and molecular medicine has had a significant impact on clinical practice. Knowledge of specific genetic findings causative for or associated with human disease may enhance diagnostic accuracy and influence treatment decisions. In cardiovascular disease, gene discovery for inherited arrhythmia syndromes has advanced most rapidly.(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with resuscitated ventricular tachyarrhythmias (ventricular tachycardia/ventricular fibrillation) benefit from implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) compared with medical therapy. We hypothesized that the patients who benefit most from an ICD are those at greatest risk of death. METHODS AND RESULTS In the Canadian Implantable(More)
Our previous studies have suggested that the interaction between hyaluronic acid (HA) on peritoneal mesothelial cells and the membrane adhesion molecule, CD44, on ovarian tumour cells could be important in ovarian cancer metastasis. In order to study this further, adhesion of six ovarian tumour lines to HA coated on to a plastic surface was investigated.(More)
Both PRL and GH play a role in maintaining lactation in the rat, although GH can only maintain pup weight gain at around 50% of the control value, whereas PRL can maintain weight gain close to 90% in the absence of GH. In this study we examined the effects of PRL and GH deficiency (using bromocriptine and an antiserum to rat GH) on milk yield and(More)
Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynaecological cancer in the UK, causing 2000 deaths per year. It spreads by shedding cells which attach to the mesothelial lining of the peritoneal cavity. In order to quantitatively study this interaction, a model system was developed in which mesothelial cells were cultured as monolayers in multiwell plates, and(More)
One hundred and twenty-lead body surface potential maps (BSPMs) were recorded at rest, at immediate cessation of exercise and after 1 (early) and 5 minutes (late) of recovery in 14 patients with isolated, critical, left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery stenosis. Exercise endpoints, at an average peak rate of 98 +/- 13, were usual pain worsening in(More)
BACKGROUND Some clinical data suggest that atrial-based pacing prevents paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF). This study tested the hypothesis that DDDR pacing compared with VDD pacing prevents AF after atrioventricular (AV) junction ablation. METHODS AND RESULTS Patients were randomized to DDDR pacing (n=33) or to VDD pacing (n=34) after AV junction(More)
BACKGROUND Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD), a familial cardiomyopathy occurring with a prevalence of 1 in 5000, is characterized by replacement of myocytes with fatty and fibrous tissue. Clinical manifestations include structural and functional abnormalities of the right ventricle and arrhythmias, leading to a sudden death rate of 2.5% per(More)