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Procedural modeling for architectural scenes was as yet limited to static objects only. We introduce a novel extension layer for shape grammars which creates a skeletal system for posing and interactive manipulation of generated models. Various models can be derived with the same set of parametrized rules for geometric operations. Separation of geometry(More)
We present smooth formulations of common vortex detectors that allow a seamless integration into the concept of interactive visual analysis of flow simulation data. We express the originally binary feature detectors as fuzzy-sets that can be combined using the linking and brushing concepts of interactive visual analysis. Both interaction and visualization(More)
Music information retrieval (MIR) is small, but fast growing discipline. It aims at extraction of relevant information from music in order to improve the work with multimedia information systems. A popular approach in MIR is to apply signal processing techniques to extract low-level features from a musical piece. However, in order to create helpful(More)
INTRODUCTION Arterial hypertension is an important component of global cardiovascular risk profile of an individual patient. Estimation of global cardiovascular risk besides the blood pressure level incorporates all risk factors (RF), preclinical cardiovascular diseases (hypertension--induced target organ disease--TOD) and associated clinical conditions,(More)
Interactive music retrieval systems using microphone input have become popular, with applications ranging from whistle queries to robust audio search engines capable of retrieving music from a short sample recorded in noisy environment. The availability for mobile devices brought them to millions of users. Underlying methods have promising results in the(More)
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