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launched the Cell project 1 in 2000, the design goal was to improve performance an order of magnitude over that of desktop systems shipping in 2005. To meet that goal, designers had to optimize performance against area, power, volume, and cost, but clearly single-core designs offered diminishing returns on investment. 1-3 If increased efficiency was the(More)
The PL.8 compiler accepts multiple source languages and produces high quality object code for several different machines. The strategy used is to first do a simple translation of the source program to a low level intermediate language. Global optimization and register allocation are then used to improve code rather than relying on special case code(More)
Typically, the choice of intermediate representation by a particular compiler implementation seeks to address a specific goal. The intermediate language of the TOBEY compilers, XIL, was initially chosen to facilitate the production of highly optimal scalar code, yet, it was easily extended to a higher level form YIL in order to support a new suite of(More)
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