Martin Holmes

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BACKGROUND Poor adherence to inhaled medication may lead to inadequate symptom control in patients with respiratory disease. In practice it can be difficult to identify poor adherence. We designed an acoustic recording device, the INCA® (INhaler Compliance Assessment) device, which, when attached to an inhaler, identifies and records the time and technique(More)
INTRODUCTION In clinical practice, it is difficult to distinguish between patients with refractory asthma from those with poorly controlled asthma, where symptoms persist due to poor adherence, inadequate inhaler technique or comorbid diseases. We designed an audio recording device which, when attached to an inhaler, objectively identifies the time and(More)
Purpose In the U.S., one out of three adults are physically inactive (PIA), which is associated with increased mortality. The workplace is a potential venue to promote physical activity. Methods We examined data from the 2010 health risk assessment (HRA) among Vanderbilt University employees who are enrolled in the employer insurance plan. The HRA is a(More)
Thomas Sonnet de Courval's satirical work, the Satyre Menippée du mariage, was initially published in 1608. In 1609, an expanded version appeared, with the addition of a second satire, the Timethélie, ou Censure des Femmes. In 1621, the first satire appeared in a new edition titled Satyre sur les Traverses du Mariage, then in the following year, Sonnet de(More)
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