Martin Hofstetter

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The effects of 0.8 g alcohol kg-1 on CNS processes as reflected in EEG changes were studied in controlled experiments in 14 subjects in relation to BAC levels. A Two Period Change-Over Design with repeated trials over time allowed us to ascertain the time course and to isolate alcohol-induced changes from diurnal variations and effects of sequence and(More)
1. The patient population consisting of fifteen patients was divided into three groups, namely: diazepam group, phenobarbital group and placebo group. After three weeks the medicated groups were switched to placebo for a week and the placebo group was given phenobarbital. 2. The parameters to be assessed once a week comprised frequency-analyzed EEG(More)
A painful episode in the region of the peroneal tendons, within the retromalleolar groove, is a common precipitating event of an acute lateral ankle sprain. A forefoot striking pattern is suspected to cause peroneal tendinosis. The aim of this study is to analyse the role of peroneal tendinosis as a predisposing factor for ankle sprain trauma in runners.(More)
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