Martin Hoelscher

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BACKGROUND There is plenty of evidence that survival time associated with advanced ovarian cancer is predominantly related to the amount of residual tumor after primary operation. However, there are only few and inconclusive reports concerning the effect of second debulking procedures on survival time after relapse. METHODS To evaluate the effect of(More)
Controversies exist about the management of esophageal perforation in order to eliminate the septic focus. The aim of this study was to assess the etiology, management, and outcome of esophageal perforation over a 12-year period, in order to characterize optimal treatment options in this severe disease. Between May 1996 and May 2008, 44 patients (30 men, 14(More)
OBJECTIVES In about 10% of glioblastoma patients, preoperative MRI discloses the presence of tumor cysts. Whereas the impact of cystic appearance on prognosis has been discussed extensively, only little is known about the tumor cyst fluid. In this study, we tested the feasibility of the surface enhanced laser desorption ionization time of flight (SELDI-TOF)(More)
In 93 recipients of 102 orthotopic liver homografts, the incidence of bacteremia or fungemia exceeded 70%. The graft itself was usually an entry site for systemic infection after both immunologic and nonimmunologic parenchymal injury, especially if there was defective biliary drainage. The role of the homograft itself as the special infectious risk factor(More)
The problem of fungus infections after liver transplantation was studied. In 100 consecutive recipients of orthotopic liver homografts there were 10 and 8 examples, respectively, of localized and disseminated infections caused by Candida species. Candidemia was demonstrated in 8 of these 18 patients. One patient who had a localized Candida infection also(More)
In our clinic we observed uni- or bilateral ruptures of the Achilles tendon as a complication in 5% of all renal transplant patients. The majority of ruptures took place within the first two months following transplantation in a phase of increasing physical activity. Besides steroid treatment, elevated uric acid and hyperparathyroidism, advanced age at the(More)
Programmed laparotomy as treatment for diffuse peritonitis is a concept that uses surgical débridement and lavage of the peritoneal cavaty at 48-h intervals, with intermittent, definitive wound closure without drainage. In the last 2.5 years, 46 patients have been entered into the trial, with a mean frequency of 4.8 operations per patient. The overall(More)
During the 11 1/2 year period ending 13 months ago, 93 consecutive patients were treated with orthotopic liver transplantation. Fifty-six of the recipients were 18 years old or younger, and the other 37 were adults. The most common indications for operation were biliary atresia, primary hepatic malignant tumor, chronic aggressive hepatitis and alcoholic(More)
Accidentally swallowed dentures can lead to severe complications in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, early detection and effective therapeutic management are important. We report on two cases of accidentally swallowed dentures with exceptional clinical courses. In the first case, the patient initially did not notice the swallowed denture for several(More)