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As the role that software metrics in general and coupling in particular play with respect to maintainability of software products is widely accepted, current approaches to handle coupling and / or cohesion in objectoriented systems are evaluated. Having identified some inadequacies, we provide a comprehensive framework to deal with all sorts of coupling.(More)
In this paper we explore the usage of "force fields" in order to facilitate the computer user during pointing tasks. The first study shows that pointing time can be reduced by enhancing a pointing target with an invisible force field that warps the screen cursor toward the target center. The application of force fields is further supported in that we show(More)
We present the WWW-based interactive C++ Course developed at the University of Vienna to support introductory programming lectures of the first year of our <i>Wirtschaftsinformatik</i> ("business informatics") curriculum.The paper focuses on some major design concepts of the course as well as on the lessons learned during the project, such as the 3-layer(More)
Previous in-depth analyses of the cursor paths taken by young children when they point at screen targets have shown that the fine-tuning movements that are necessary to accurately position the cursor over a small target can be very troublesome. We present two mouse pointing experiments with four-year-olds; the first re-evaluates the effect of PointAssist, a(More)
In this paper a visual information retrieval project (VizIR) is presented. The goal of the project is the implementation of an open Contentbased Visual Retrieval (CBVR) prototype as basis for further research on the major problems of CBVR. The motivation behind VizIR is: an open platform would make research (especially for smaller institutions) easier and(More)
Moving and resizing desktop windows are frequently performed but largely unexplored interaction tasks. The standard title bar and border dragging techniques used for window manipulation have not changed much over the years. We studied three new methods to move and resize windows. The new methods are based on proxy and goal-crossing techniques to eliminate(More)