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We present an approach to prove safety (collision freedom) of multi-lane motorway traffic with lane-change manoeuvres. This is ultimately a hybrid verification problem due to the continuous dynamics of the cars. We abstract from the dynamics by introducing a new spatial interval logic based on the view of each car. To guarantee safety, we present two(More)
and has held that position since 2001. During his more than 17 years in the company, he has been responsible for the machinery dynamics of compressors and compressor trains of order related tasks. He has been active in correlating analytical results with field data in numerous troubleshooting and problem diagnosis situations. with the thesis, " Series(More)
Load commutated inverters (LCI) cover a large variety of industry applications in a power range up to 100 MW. The paper discusses realized applications in power generation, oil and gas, marine drives, and metal industry. A new LCI family with a high grade of modularity allows covering all these applications with a minimum of different parts. The heart of(More)