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BACKGROUND Pregnanolone isomers (PI) with a hydroxy group in the 3alpha-position are neuroinhibitors operating via positive modulation of GABA(A) receptors. The 3beta-PI and sulfates of PI and pregnenolone exert the opposite effect. In addition to the brain's in situ synthesis, some circulating steroids can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. METHODS To(More)
Peptides ghrelin, obestatin and neuropeptide Y (NPY) play an important role in regulation of energy homeostasis, the imbalance of which is associated with eating disorders anorexia (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN). The changes in ghrelin, obestatin and NPY plasma levels were investigated in AN and BN patients after administration of a high-carbohydrate(More)
Dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) and unconjugated dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) have been determined in the blood serum of normal subjects of both sexes from 1 month to 100 years of age. In total, 92 girls, 49 boys, 211 women and 110 men were investigated. The effects of age and sex on the levels of the hormones were measured. DHEAS levels declined(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to compare the effects of calorie-restricted vegetarian and conventional diabetic diets alone and in combination with exercise on insulin resistance, visceral fat and oxidative stress markers in subjects with Type 2 diabetes. METHODS A 24-week, randomized, open, parallel design was used. Seventy-four patients with Type 2(More)
We describe the architecture of a novel system for precomputing sparse directional occlusion caches. These caches are used for accelerating a fast cinematic lighting pipeline that works in the spherical harmonics domain. The system was used as a primary lighting technology in the movie Avatar, and is able to efficiently handle massive scenes of(More)
We present a reflectance model for dielectric cylinders with rough surfaces such as human hair fibers. Our model is energy conserving and can evaluate arbitrarily many orders of internal reflection. Accounting for compression and contraction of specular cones produces a new longitudinal scattering function which is non-Gaussian and includes an off-specular(More)
This study addresses the question of whether changes in the biosynthesis and metabolism of neuroactive pregnanolone isomers (PIs) might participate in the timing of parturition in humans. The time profiles of unconjugated allopregnanolone (3alpha-hydroxy-5alpha-pregnan-20-one, P3alpha5alpha), pregnanolone (3alpha-hydroxy-5beta-pregnan-20-one, P3alpha5beta),(More)
A neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) is associated with significantly higher dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Because the human brain is known to transform DHEA into DHEA sulfate (DHEAS), 7 alpha-hydroxy-DHEA, 7 beta-hydroxy-DHEA, and 16 alpha-hydroxy-DHEA, it is possible that DHEA accumulation in(More)
Polyunsaturated fatty acids of n-3 series (n-3 PUFA) were shown to increase basal fat oxidation in humans. The aim of the study was to compare the effect of n-3 PUFA added to a very low calorie diet (VLCD), with VLCD only during three-week inpatient weight reduction. Twenty severely obese women were randomly assigned to VLCD with n-3 PUFA or with placebo.(More)
To compare the predictivity of the neuroactive steroids in the cerebrospinal fluid and peripheral blood for the diagnostics of CNS disturbances, eighteen unconjugated steroids were quantified in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the 3rd ventricle and 18 unconjugated steroids and 7 steroid polar conjugates were measured in the serum using GC-MS and RIA.(More)