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A microstrip leaky-wave antenna (MLWA) is designed for fixed-frequency beam steering. The main beam direction of this antenna is controlled by changing the periodic reactive loading of a microstrip line. This reactive loading is provided by a set of periodic patches closely coupled to the stubs in the microstrip line. These patches can be selectively(More)
Implant-able wireless body area networks (WBAN) are a promising technology for health monitoring and treatment for patients requiring special care and monitoring, where sensors are placed inside the human body to carry out measurements which may include telemetry or video streaming. Ultra Wide- Band technology (UWB) is investigated as a candidate for the(More)
A 3D printed dual ridged horn antenna (DRHA) is presented. The antenna design is optimized for additive manufacturing and is 3D printed using acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and then painted with nickel based aerosol spray. The coaxial transition is also included in the 3D printed prototype. The antenna was manufactured with the intention of improving(More)
This paper presents improvement technique on linearity of a CMOS double balance Gilbert cell mixer with considerable high conversion gain at low power consumption. The mixer consists of inductive source degeneration in the transconductance stage providing impedance matching to improve linearity of the mixer. The mixer was designed to operate a Radio(More)
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