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The reengineering of legacy code is a tedious endeavor. Automatic transformation of legacy code from an old technology to a new one preserves potential problems in legacy code with respect to obsolete, changed, and new business cases. On the other hand, manual analysis of legacy code without assistance of original developers is time consuming and(More)
Industrial manufacturing environments are typically supported by a backbone network of technical control- and business information systems. To carry out daily work routines like maintaining technical processes or managing business information like sales and orders, different user groups as, e.g., IT management or engineers, need different forms of(More)
We are living in the era of software and Information technology. Where Reverse engineering has a big role in the up-gradation and maintenance of old software. Precisely if it comes to the reverse engineering of legacy code; so many tools and software are available in the market but still market requirement for reverse engineering of existing codes is(More)
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