Martin Habermeyer

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The TanDEM-X mission will derive a global digital elevation model (DEM) with satellite SAR interferometry. Height references play an important role to ensure the required height accuracy of 10m absolute and 2m relative for 90% of the data. In this paper the main height reference data sets ICESat (for DEM calibration), SRTM (for phase unwrapping) and(More)
DLR and GFZ are procuring the airborne hyperspectral scanner ARES (Airborne Reflective and Emissive Spectrometer) to be operating from autumn 2005. In order to ensure the first fully automatic processing environment for hyperspectral airborne scanner data working without any user interaction, a complete processing chain for hyperspectral data is designed.(More)
Within the frame of a larger project funded by the High Tech Offensive Bayern (HTO) hyperspectral HyMap data have been investigated on their spectral content in order to determine bio-geo-chemo-physical parameters of land cover units in the catchment of Lake Waging-Taching in Upper Bava-ria, Germany. The focus of the current investigations was on parameter(More)
This paper introduces an automated spectral unmixing approach. This approach is based on multiple endmember spectral mixture analysis (MESMA) where the mixture model is iteratively improved using residual analysis and knowledge-based feature identification. A combined criterion for model selection and criteria to detect errors in the mixture model itself(More)
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