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OBJECTIVES Recent work in bronchiolitis has demonstrated a significant clinical improvement in children treated with epinephrine over nebulized salbutamol. The objective of this study was to determine whether nebulized epinephrine, as compared with nebulized salbutamol, causes a greater clinical improvement in children with acute asthma. METHODS Children,(More)
IMPORTANCE Approximately one-third of children experiencing acute concussion experience ongoing somatic, cognitive, and psychological or behavioral symptoms, referred to as persistent postconcussion symptoms (PPCS). However, validated and pragmatic tools enabling clinicians to identify patients at risk for PPCS do not exist. OBJECTIVE To derive and(More)
BACKGROUND Population-based data for pediatric cardiac arrest are scant and largely from urban areas. The Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium (ROC) Epistry-Cardiac Arrest is a population-based emergency medical services registry of out-of-hospital nontraumatic cardiac arrest (OHCA). This study examined age-stratified incidence and outcomes of pediatric OHCA.(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy about which children with minor head injury need to undergo computed tomography (CT). We aimed to develop a highly sensitive clinical decision rule for the use of CT in children with minor head injury. METHODS For this multicentre cohort study, we enrolled consecutive children with blunt head trauma presenting with a score(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE We systematically summarize pediatric out-of-hospital cardiac arrest epidemiology and assess knowledge of effects of specific out-of-hospital interventions. METHODS We conducted a comprehensive review of published articles from 1966 to 2004, available through MEDLINE, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, EmBase, and(More)
Children commonly require sedation and analgesia for procedures in the emergency department. Establishing accurate adverse event and complications rates from the available literature has been difficult because of the difficulty in aggregating results from previous studies that have used varied terminology to describe the same adverse events and outcomes.(More)
OBJECTIVES The Ottawa Ankle Rules (OAR) have been found to be 100% sensitive in adult patients with ankle injuries, and application of the OAR has resulted in a 28% reduction in the number of x-rays ordered. The objectives of this study were to determine the sensitivity and specificity of the OAR in children and to determine the potential change in x-ray(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine etiology of pediatric OHCA in a population-based sample from autopsy and coroner's diagnosis. DESIGN As part of the Ontario Pre-hospital Advanced Life Support (OPALS) study, we conducted a prospective cohort study including children below age 19 years with OHCA in an 11-year period. Deaths were matched with provincial coroner's(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize the best available evidence for the effect of tissue adhesives (TAs) in managing traumatic lacerations in children and adults. METHODS A search was conducted using the Cochrane Controlled Trials Register, Medline, and EMBase for relevant studies. The authors also searched the citations of selected studies and contacted relevant(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare two tissue adhesives, butylcyanoacrylate and octylcyanoacrylate, in the treatment of small (<4 cm) superficial linear traumatic facial lacerations in children. METHODS This was a randomized, clinical trial with parallel design. 94 children <18 years of age seen in the ED of a tertiary care pediatric hospital with a facial laceration(More)