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This paper reports the results of a biomechanical study of 43 human spinal ligaments from fresh cadavers and living subjects. Tensile tests were performed with an original testing machine. The tension load and relaxation were applied at the same constant slow rate (1 mm min-1) on entire ligaments. In order to avoid ligament injuries, fixation in the(More)
BACKGROUND The conceptual validity of kinetic gait analysis and disability outcome assessment methods has guided their use in the assessment of pain caused by osteoarthritis (OA). No consensus on the best clinical methods for pain evaluation in canine OA exists, particularly, when evaluating treatments where a smaller treatment effect is anticipated than(More)
According to the ultrasound and MRI findings, supported by planned dissections, the female perineum is organised around the musculofascial system converging towards the fibrous structure of the central perineal tendon (CPT). Behind the CPT the fascial layers form part of a fibrous assembly extending from the ventral surface of the sacrum to the anal(More)
While abdominal ultrasound and ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology are often combined to help determine the type of liver disease in dogs, little is known about the relationship that may exist between the results of these tests. We hypothesized that specific sonographic findings, or combinations of findings, may predict results of liver(More)
The influence of various modes of carrying a load of 16kg (15.69DaN) on the static positioning of the pelvic girdle and the thoracic and lumbar segments of the spine was examined in seven male subjects. The displacement of cutaneous markers attached to easily palpable skeletal landmarks was recorded using 4 CCD cameras the data acquired were analysed using(More)
This study aimed to characterize osteoarthritis (OA)-related chronic pain and disability in experimental cats with naturally occurring OA. Peak vertical ground reaction force (PVF), accelerometer-based motor activity (MA) and the von Frey anesthesiometer-induced paw withdrawal threshold were used to define OA and to test the efficacy of meloxicam. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe structural changes associated with osteoarthritis (OA) in cats and to quantify OA-associated disability using functional evaluations. STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional pilot study with longitudinal data. ANIMALS Normal cats (n = 2) and coxofemoral joint OA cats (n = 4) were evaluated by physical examination, radiography, and magnetic(More)
In the context of translational research, there is growing interest in studying surgical orthopedic pain management approaches that are common to humans and dogs. The validity of postoperative pain assessment methods is uncertain with regards to responsiveness and the potential interference of analgesia. The hypothesis was that video analysis (as a(More)
Veterinarians contacted to identify cats diagnosed with osteoarthritis (OA) provided information on signalment, method of diagnosis, treatment and concurrent disease. Owners of 50 cats were interviewed to collect information on specific OA signs observed in the home, relating to mobility, self-maintenance, social and exploratory behavior, and activity and(More)
The infratemporal fossa and its contents (particularly the pterygoid muscles) is a region difficult to explore, in spite of its importance in odontostomatological pathology. In order to reduce the indications that justify examination by computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, for reasons of economy of health, the authors describe by application(More)