Martin Gropp

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We present RelationFactory, a highly effective open source relation extraction system based on shallow modeling techniques. RelationFactory emphasizes modularity, is easily configurable and uses a transparent pipelined approach. The interactive demo allows the user to pose queries for which RelationFactory retrieves and analyses contexts that contain(More)
A growing number of universities offer recordings of lectures, seminars and talks in an online e-learning portal. However, the user is often not interested in the entire recording, but is looking for parts covering a certain topic. Usually, the user has to either watch the whole video or “zap” through the lecture and risk missing important details. We(More)
We introduce Platon, a domain-specific language for authoring dialog systems based on Groovy, a dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is a fully-featured tool for dialog management that is also particularly suitable for, but not limited to, rapid prototyping making it possible to create a basic multilingual dialog system with(More)
This paper describes the acquisition, transcription and annotation of a multi-media corpus of academic spoken English, the LMELectures. It consists of two lecture series that were read in the summer term 2009 at the computer science department of the University of ErlangenNuremberg, covering topics in pattern analysis, machine learning and interventional(More)
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) have shown great success in supervised classification tasks such as character classification or dating. Deep learning methods typically need a lot of annotated training data, which is not available in many scenarios. In these cases, traditional methods are often better than or equivalent to deep learning methods. In(More)
Text detection is typically the first step for any text processing such as hand-written text recognition, layout analysis, line detection, or writer identification. This paper describes a new method to detect text in images, particularly in historical document images. For a robust detection, we propose the use of the vesselness filter as a new preprocessing(More)
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