Martin Große-Rhode

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Spend your few moment to read a book even only few pages. Reading book is not obligation and force for everybody. When you don't want to read, you can get punishment from the publisher. Read a book becomes a choice of your different characteristics. Many people with reading habit will always be enjoyable to read, or on the contrary. For some reasons, this(More)
Spatial and temporal reenement relations between typed graph transformation systems have been introduced in 6, 7]. In a spatial reenement each rule is reened by an amalgamation of rules while in a temporal reenement it is reened by a sequence of rules: in both cases, the reenement relation supports the modeling of implementation. In the rst part of this(More)
This paper relates labelled transition systems and coalgebras with the motivation of comparing and combining their complementary contributions to the theory of concurrent systems. The well-known mismatch between these two notions concerning the morphisms is resolved by extending the coalgebraic framework by lax cohomomorphisms. Enriching both labelled(More)
Der Softwareanteil in technischen Systemen bekommt einen immer höheren Stellenwert. Für einen durchgängigen und wartbaren Entwurf der Software sind Spezifikationstechniken erforderlich, die von ingenieurwissenschaftlichen Ablaufbeschreibungen bis zu (objektorientierten) Softwaremodellen reichen. Wesentlich ist dabei, solche Techniken zu integrieren, um zu(More)
Graph transformation systems support the formal modeling of dynamic, concurrent, and distributed systems. States are given by their graphical structure, and transitions are modeled by graph transformation rules. In this paper we investigate two kinds of reenement relations for graph transformation systems in order to support the development of a module(More)