Martin Greiner

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We investigate the production efficiency of ultracold molecules in bosonic 85Rb and fermionic 40K when the magnetic field is swept across a Feshbach resonance. For adiabatic sweeps of the magnetic field, our novel model shows that the conversion efficiency of both species is solely determined by the phase space density of the atomic cloud, in contrast with(More)
Geometrical random multiplicative cascade processes are often used to model positive-valued multifractal fields such as the energy dissipation in fully developed turbulence. We propose a dynamical generalization describing the energy dissipation in terms of a continuous and homogeneous stochastic field in one space and one time dimension. In the model,(More)
As a representative of a complex technological system, so-called wireless multihop ad hoc communication networks are discussed. They represent an infrastructure-less generalization of todays wireless cellular phone networks. Lacking a central control authority, the ad hoc nodes have to coordinate themselves such that the overall network performs in an(More)
Inspired by the Statistical Physics of complex networks, wireless multihop ad hoc communication networks are considered in abstracted form. Since such engineered networks are able to modify their structure via topology control, we search for optimized network structures, which maximize the end-to-end throughput performance. A modified version of betweenness(More)
Motivated by the possible application to technical communication networks, we study a game-theoretical approach to network structure creation. By allowing nodes to change their neighborhood to maximize their payoff according to the rules of the iterated prisoner's dilemma (IPD) the network structure is coupled to game dynamics. The local changes of the(More)
Keywords: Energy system design Large-scale integration of renewable power generation Wind power generation Solar PV power generation Power transmission a b s t r a c t A future energy system is likely to rely heavily on wind and solar PV. To quantify general features of such a weather dependent electricity supply in the contiguous US, wind and solar PV(More)
We demonstrate that the correlations observed in conditioned multiplier distributions of the energy dissipa-tion in fully developed turbulence can be understood as an unavoidable artifact of the observation procedure. Taking the latter into account, all reported properties of both unconditioned and conditioned multiplier distributions can be reproduced by(More)
The observed structure of protein interaction networks is corrupted by many false positive/negative links. This observational incompleteness is abstracted as random link removal and a specific, experimentally motivated (spoke) link rearrangement. Their impact on the structural properties of gene-duplication-and-mutation network models is studied. For the(More)