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In addition to the operational limits imposed by MHD stability on plasma current and pressure, an independent limit on plasma density is observed in confined toroidal plasmas. This review attempts to summarize recent work on the phenomenology and physics of the density limit. Perhaps the most surprising result is that all of the toroidal confinement devices(More)
Adult rats exposed to the DNA-methylating agent methylazoxymethanol on embryonic day 17 show a pattern of neurobiological deficits that model some of the neuropathological and behavioral changes observed in schizophrenia. Although it is generally assumed that these changes reflect targeted disruption of embryonic neurogenesis, it is unknown whether these(More)
Scientific user facilities—particle accelerators, telescopes, colliders, supercomputers, light sources, sequencing facilities , and more—operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Oce of Science (SC) generate ever increasing volumes of data at unprecedented rates from experiments, observations , and simulations. At the same time there is a growing(More)
Overview: Scientific collaboration, both international and domestic, is already enhanced via technologies that allow remote participation in experiments and scientific discussions. This mode of collaboration, while not ideal in all ways, offers several distinct advantages: 1. It lowers the travel and relocation burden on collaborators. Moreover, in addition(More)
There has been dramatic progress in the scope and power of plasma simulations in recent years; and because codes are generally cheaper to write, to run and to diagnose than experiments, they have a well-recognized potential to extend our understanding of complex phenomena like plasma turbulence. However, simulations are imperfect models for physical reality(More)
Rich metadata is required to find and understand the recorded measurements from modern experiments with their immense and complex data stores. Systems to store and manage these metadata have improved over time, but in most cases are ad-hoc collections of data relationships, often represented in domain or site specific application code. We are developing a(More)