Martin Grünendahl

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The present study examines the interrelationships among the constructs of social resources, stress, and well-being in middle-aged and older adults. Two samples of 489 middle-aged adults (41-43 years) and 449 older adults (61-63 years) from the Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study of Adult Development were compared with respect to the availability of social(More)
The goal of the Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study of Aging (ILSE) is to assess healthy and satisfying aging in middle adulthood and later life. In addition, this study compares adults from eastern and western Germany. The data for this study were collected between late 1993 and early 1996 as part of the first measurement point of the ILSE. Five-hundred(More)
The role of anticipation of retirement was studied by comparing two samples under different conditions: in the West German sample, retirement could be anticipated as "normal" with regard to the economic changes in most industrial societies between 1992 and 1994, whereas the members of the East German sample were faced with mandatory retirement, with few(More)
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