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With today's technology for production of molecular sequences, DNA taxonomy and barcoding arose as a new tool for evolutionary biology and ecology. However, their validities still need to be empirically evaluated. Of most importance is the strength of the correlation between morphological taxonomy and molecular divergence and the possibility to define some(More)
Most models of nucleotide or amino acid substitution used in phylogenetic studies assume that the evolutionary process has been homogeneous across lineages and that composition of nucleotides or amino acids has remained the same throughout the tree. These oversimplified assumptions are refuted by the observation that compositional variability characterizes(More)
The calibration of a PointQ arterial microsimulation model is formulated as a quadratic programming problem (QP) whose decision variables are link flows, demands at entry links, and turn movements at intersections, subject to linear constraints imposed by flow conservation identities and field measurements of a subset of link flows (counts), demands and(More)
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