Martin Gordziel

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There is need to develop better models and characterization methods for spectrum usage and radio environments of cognitive radios. Currently different theoretical and simulation based approaches towards enabling dynamic spectrum access would greatly benefit from the possibility to generate synthetic data for testing purposes. Such Radio Environment Maps(More)
Dynamic spectrum access to unused licensed spectrum has been proposed as solution to the spectrum scarcity problem. Reliable detection of any primary user signal is crucial for the required interference-free operation. It has been shown that cooperative sensing has the potential to alleviate propagation effects such as fast fading or shadowing and thus to(More)
Several measurement studies have found a large amount of underutilized radio spectrum. More flexible regulation employing dynamic spectrum access (DSA) has been proposed as solution to this problem. The analysis of several aspects of DSA systems, e.g., cooperative sensing, requires good spatial models of spectrum usage. However, only very focused models(More)
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