Martin Girschick

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SPin is a plugin for Fujaba that provides basic support for architecture stratification. It enables Fujaba models to be annotated with refinement directives which may then automatically be executed by the plugin. The corresponding refinement transformations may be defined with a combination of story driven modeling and Java coding. These transformations(More)
We describe our prototype implementation for Architecture Stratification supporting system descriptions at multiple levels of abstraction for developing complex software systems. Our tool transforms both model and code fragments in parallel using refinement transformations which are specified with a combination of " Story-Driven-Modeling " and Java code.(More)
Architecture Stratification is a technique for describing and developing complex software systems on multiple levels of abstractions. In this paper we present an approach and a corresponding implementation—in the form of a Fujaba plugin— for refining models including their behavior. Our plugin enables Fujaba models to be annotated with refinement directives(More)
Model transformation is not only ac rucial buta lso one of the most complicated aspects of model-drivensoftware development (MDSD). An adequate transformation language is therefore vital to its successful application. Architecture stra-tification is av ery flexible approach to MDSD, which applies stepwise refinement to model-based system development. In(More)
Although currently software development often separates the design phase from the implementation, the trend towards model-driven approaches is undeniable. As models are the primary development artifact in model-driven development, one has to deal with the problems surrounding huge and therefore unmanageable models. To tackle these issues, systems are often(More)
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