Martin Gersch

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We investigate the organizational processes that predate digital infrastructure innovation in health care. These processes are important because the diffusion of digital infrastructures is problematic in many health care settings around the world. However, our study allows decision makers to understand how organizations can become forerunners in the area of(More)
Wie können Universitäten Lern-Services anbieten, die bei einer konsequenten Zielgruppenorientierung (bis hin zur Lernindividualisierung) auch unter Kostengesichtspunkten wettbewerbsfähig realisierbar bleiben und damit didaktische und ökonomische Zielsetzungen erfolgreich zu integrieren vermögen? Der vorliegende Artikel zeigt mit dem Konzept der Mass(More)
We link the concept of an ‘organizing vision’ to the idea of ‘performativity’ in order to better understand the challenges associated with implementing integrated care, i.e. the usage of ICT in order to coordinate medical treatments of the same patient by multiple medical professionals. More specifically, we focus on how medical autonomy affects the(More)
Today process-oriented approaches to solve business challenges are state of the art. However most business process management methods focus on increased performance only from the firm’s perspective and neglect the increasing importance of value co-creation between the firm and the customer. Modern business process management methods not only need to(More)
This paper advances Picot and Baumann’s (2009) central paper on how organization and management theory (OMT) can enhance business information systems engineering (BISE). In particular, we extend their focus in three ways. We introduce the industry and inter-organizational relations as levels of analysis, which are of interests to BISE and we show specific(More)