Martin Gartner

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Recommendation G.729.1 is a new ITU-T standard which was approved in May 2006. This recommendation describes a hierarchical speech and audio coding algorithm built on top of a narrowband core codec. One challenge in the codec design is the generation of a wideband signal with a very limited additional bit rate (less than 2 kb/s). In this paper, we describe(More)
This paper describes the scalable coder - G.729.1 - which has been recently standardized by ITU-T for wideband telephony and voice over IP (VoIP) applications. G.729.1 can operate at 12 different bit rates from 32 down to 8 kbit/s with wideband quality starting at 14 kbit/s. This coder is a bitstream interoperable extension of ITU-T G.729 based on three(More)
Pre-echo is a well-known artefact of transform coding at low bit rates. In this paper we present a new method to address this problem. The input signal is assumed to be coded in two stages: in time domain first, and then in transform domain. This is for instance the case in CELP+transform embedded coding. The first stage reconstructs a signal that is(More)
We present an embedded and hierarchical 8-32 kbit/s speech and audio coding algorithm that has been successfully submitted to the ITU-T as a candidate for ITU-T Rec. G.729.1 (ex G.729EV). The submitting consortium consisted of Siemens AG, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd., and Mindspeed Technologies Inc. This contribution gives a comprehensive(More)
This paper presents an enhancement layer coming on top of G.729 Annex A codec. This enhancement layer consists of an optimization of the algebraic fixed codebook pulses that were selected by the Annex A codec during the fixed codebook search. The pulses selected by the ACELP codec have all the same absolute amplitude. Our method optimizes each of these(More)
In our work we mainly focus on two recent developments concerning asset management. First, asset management has become more actively and second, high sophisticated investment strategies have been developed. By analysing the involvement of a sophisticated investment strategy in an active asset management we distinguish three different tasks into which asset(More)
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