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Donaldson–Thomas invariants for complexes on abelian threefolds
Donaldson–Thomas invariants for moduli spaces M of perfect complexes on an abelian threefold X are usually zero. A better object is the quotient $${K=[M/X\times\widehat{X}]}$$ of complexes moduloExpand
Computing the Euler characteristic of generalized Kummer varieties
We give an elementary proof of the formula χ(KnA)=n3σ(n) for the Euler characteristic of the generalized Kummer variety KnA, where σ(n) denotes the sum of divisors function.
Early recognition of regional cardiac ischemia using a 3-axis accelerometer sensor.
The preliminary results indicate that early recognition of regional cardiac ischemia is possible by analyzing accelerometer data acquired from the three animal trials using the prototype 3-axis accelerometer sensor. Expand
A relative Hilbert–Mumford criterion
We generalize the classical Hilbert–Mumford criteria for GIT (semi-)stability in terms of one parameter subgroups of a linearly reductive group G over a field k, to the relative situation of anExpand
A GIT construction of degenerations of Hilbert schemes of points
We present a Geometric Invariant Theory (GIT) construction which allows us to construct good projective degenerations of Hilbert schemes of points for simple degenerations. A comparison with theExpand
The Euler charateristic of the generalized Kummer scheme of an Abelian threefold
Let X be an Abelian threefold. We prove a formula, conjectured by the first author, expressing the Euler characteristic of the generalized Kummer schemes $$K^nX$$KnX of X in terms of the number ofExpand
The geometry of degenerations of Hilbert schemes of points
Given a strict simple degeneration $f \colon X\to C$ the first three authors previously constructed a degeneration $I^n_{X/C} \to C$ of the relative degree $n$ Hilbert scheme of $0$-dimensionalExpand
Vector Bundles and Monads On Abelian Threefolds
The purpose of this article is to construct examples of stable rank 2 vector bundles on abelian threefolds and to study their moduli. More precisely, we consider principally polarized abelianExpand
Fourier Mukai transforms of line bundles on derived equivalent abelian varieties
We study the Fourier-Mukai functor D(Y) → D(X) induced by the universal family on a fine moduli space Y for simple semihomogeneous vector bundles on an abelian variety X. The main result is that theExpand