Martin G. Wagner

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NMR microscopic studies of articular cartilage at 7.1 T are presented. Using a special experimental design, T2-weighted spin-echo images of cartilage-bone plugs were taken under variable angles with respect to the static magnetic field B0 to visualize the angular-dependent representation of internal matrix structures mediated by the collagen network(More)
High-resolution MRI measurements on knee joints show a multilaminar appearance of the cartilage. This intracartilaginar structure, visualized as hypointense zones in T(2)-weighted MR images is based on the dipolar interaction of water molecules within regions of anisotropic arrangement of collagen network. Using the different angle dependence of the MR(More)
Microalgae are considered as a promising feedstock for biomass production. The selection of the most suitable species is based on several key parameters such as lipid and fatty acid productivity. In the present study, the growth of different microalgae strains was examined in freshwater media for photoautotrophs suited for large-scale applications to(More)
Uniaxial materials whose axial and tangential permittivities have opposite signs are referred to as indefinite or hyperbolic media. In such materials, light propagation is unusual leading to novel and often non-intuitive optical phenomena. Here we report infrared nano-imaging experiments demonstrating that crystals of hexagonal boron nitride, a natural(More)
We report on time-resolved mid-infrared (mid-IR) near-field spectroscopy of the narrow bandgap semiconductor InAs. The dominant effect we observed pertains to the dynamics of photoexcited carriers and associated surface plasmons. A novel combination of pump-probe techniques and near-field nanospectroscopy accesses high momentum plasmons and demonstrates(More)
A main-chain, polydomain, smectic liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE) was prepared by reacting the LC epoxy monomer, diglycidyl ether of 4,4′-dihydroxy-R-methylstilbene, with the aliphatic diacid, sebacic acid. When deformed in uniaxial tension, a " polydomain-to-monodomain " transition took place leading to bulk, macroscopic orientation. With this process(More)
The release of plastics into the environment has been identified as an important issue for some time. Recent publications have suggested that the degradation of plastic materials will result in the release of nano-sized plastic particles to the environment. Nanoparticle tracking analysis was applied to characterise the formation of nanoplastics during the(More)
  • P Ensslen, S Gärtner, K Glaser, A Colsmann, H.-A Wagenknecht, S Sankaran +29 others
  • 2016
A DNA-fullerene conjugate as template for supramolecular chromophore assemblies: Towards DNA-based solar cells, Angewandte Chemie,friendly fabrication of polymer-fullerene bulk-heterojunctions from organic nanoparticle dispersions by doctor blading and ink-jet printing, Performance enhancement of polymer-free carbon nanotube solar cells via transfer matrix(More)