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Given that in terms of technology novel inventions are crucial factors for companies; this article contributes to the identification of inventions of high novelty in patent data. As companies are confronted with an information overflow, and having patents reviewed by experts is a time-consuming task, we introduce a new approach to the identification of(More)
For certain tasks in patent management it makes sense to apply a quantitative measure of textual similarity between patents and/or parts thereof: be it the analysis of freedom to operate, the analysis of technology convergence, or the mapping of patents for strategic purposes. In this paper we intend to outline the process of measuring textual patent(More)
Patent search is a substantial basis for many operational questions and scientometric evaluations. We consider it as a sequence of distinct stages. The “patent wide search” involves a definition of system boundaries by means of classifications and a keyword search producing a patent set with a high recall level (see Schmitz in Patentinformetrie: Analyse und(More)
To fulfill the functionality demands from the fast developing optical networks, a hybrid integration approach allows for combining the advantages of various material platforms. We have established a polymer-based hybrid integration platform (polyboard), which provides flexible optical input/ouptut interfaces (I/Os) that allow robust coupling of indium(More)
The novelty of a patent may be seen as those patterns that distinguishes it from other patents and scientific literature. Its understanding may serve for many purposes, both in scientometric research and in the management of technological information. While many methods exist that deal with a patent’s meta-information like citation networks or(More)
We investigate the performance of a fiber-based OFDM transmission system for wireless backhauling with a target data rate of 2.5...10 Gbit/s using directly modulated lasers. Newly developed semiconductor DFB lasers in index and complex coupled curved stripe technology as well as lasers with ridge waveguide resonators were experimentally characterized and(More)
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