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Fens represent a large array of ecosystem services, including the highest biodiversity found among wetlands, hydrological services, water purification and carbon sequestration. Land-use change and drainage has severely damaged or annihilated these services in many parts of North America and Europe; restoration plans are urgently needed at the landscape(More)
Few studies have quantified the role of in-stream processes on net dissolved and particulate organic carbon (DOC and POC, respectively) export from peatland catchments, and those that have offer conflicting evidence. In this study, we evaluated evidence for active organic matter processing under field conditions, via a coordinated campaign across four UK(More)
An 8-month-old Rottweiler pup was evaluated for neurologic disorder. Clinical signs included ataxia, hypermetria of all 4 limbs, intention tremors of the head, lack of a menace reflex bilaterally, and mild proprioceptive deficits. The pup was euthanatized because of the progressive nature of the disease. Histopathologic findings consisted of decreased(More)
Fluvial systems are increasingly recognised as sites of carbon processing, particularly in peatlands, where high quantities of particulate organic carbon (POC) enter the stream network during storm events. However, the fate of this POC and potential transformations to dissolved and gaseous phases are poorly understood. Here, a series of mixing experiments(More)
Over the past decade a number of analysts have argued that we have seen the end of the traditional managerial career. In this paper we examine how various types of down-sizing affect the organizational career systems. We take the career system perspective of Sonnenfeld and Peiperl (1988) and examine how delayering, earlier retirement and other common forms(More)
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