Martin Fuller

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Oncolytic viruses, which preferentially lyse cancer cells and stimulate an antitumor immune response, represent a promising approach to the treatment of cancer. However, how they evade the antiviral immune response and their selective delivery to, and replication in, tumor over normal tissue has not been investigated in humans. Here, we treated patients(More)
Pain following total knee replacement (TKR) is a common problem and cause of poor satisfaction amongst patients. We report on a glomus tumour causing pain on the anterolateral aspect of the knee, 2 years after an otherwise successful total knee replacement for osteoarthritis. The tumour was treated by excision biopsy under general anaesthesia and the(More)
Medical interventions for the treatment of spinal disc degeneration include total disc replacement and fusion devices. There are, however, concerns regarding the generation of wear particles by these devices, the majority of which are in the nanometre sized range with the potential to cause adverse biological effects in the surrounding tissues. The aims of(More)
INTRODUCTION The quality improvement framework for major amputation was developed with the aim of improving outcomes and reducing the perioperartive mortality to less than 5% by 2015. The aim of the study was to assess our compliance with the framework guidelines and look for the reasons for non-compliance. METHOD All major amputations performed between(More)
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