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Agile Methods and CMMI: Compatibility or Conflict?
This paper analyzes to what extent the CMMI process areas can be covered by XP and where adjustments of XP have to be made. Expand
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High-performance on-road vehicle detection in monocular images
This paper addresses the problem of monocular vehicle detection for forward collision warning. Expand
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BMXNet: An Open-Source Binary Neural Network Implementation Based on MXNet
Binary Neural Networks (BNNs) can drastically reduce memory size and accesses by applying bit-wise operations instead of standard arithmetic operations. Therefore it could significantly improve theExpand
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A learning concept for behavior prediction in traffic situations
We present a concept to adapt human reasoning and thinking to a system based on Case-Based Reasoning. Expand
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Probabilistic inference of visibility conditions by means of sensor fusion
We present a system to estimate the visibility range for both the driver and vision-based ADAS by means of sensor fusion. Expand
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State and existence estimation with out-of-sequence measurements for a collision avoidance system
A new method to deal with outof-sequence measurements not only in state estimation, but also in existence estimation. Expand
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Improving localization in digital maps with grid maps
This paper presents a self-localization concept for road vehicles using only a mono camera as sensor. Expand
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Multi-sensor self-localization based on Maximally Stable Extremal Regions
This contribution presents a precise localization method for advanced driver assistance systems. Expand
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Precise timestamping and temporal synchronization in multi-sensor fusion
A filter-based method for achieving accurate timestamping and temporal synchronization in a multi-sensor setup was proposed in this paper. Expand
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A learning concept for behavior prediction at intersections
The idea presented in this paper is an online learning approach for behavior prediction of other road participants at an intersection. Expand
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