Martin Fritts

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The dura mater has attracted considerable attention as an exquisitely sensitive tissue implicated as playing a role in various cephalalgias including vascular headache. Because of the potential clinical impact of the relationship/interaction of neural elements and mast cells the influence of sensory and autonomic nerve fibres on mast cells of the rat dura(More)
Using fluorescence histochemistry, 5-HT, histamine and heparin were colocalized in a large population of cells in the dura mater thereby identifying them as mast cells. In addition, because these cells were highly sensitive to compound 48/80 and were densely packed with granules of a consistent density, they were identified specifically as 'connective(More)
BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION The high-throughput genomics communities have been successfully using standardized spreadsheet-based formats to capture and share data within labs and among public repositories. The nanomedicine community has yet to adopt similar standards to share the diverse and multi-dimensional types of data (including metadata) pertaining to(More)
Over a decade ago, nanotechnologists began research on applications of nanomaterials for medicine. This research has revealed a wide range of different challenges, as well as many opportunities. Some of these challenges are strongly related to informatics issues, dealing, for instance, with the management and integration of heterogeneous information,(More)
Nanoinformatics has recently emerged to address the need of computing applications at the nano level. In this regard, the authors have participated in various initiatives to identify its concepts, foundations and challenges. While nanomaterials open up the possibility for developing new devices in many industrial and scientific areas, they also offer(More)
Nanotechnology is an important, rapidly-evolving, multidisciplinary field. The tremendous growth in this area necessitates the establishment of a common, open-source terminology to support the diverse biomedical applications of nanotechnology. Currently, the consensus process to define and categorize conceptual entities pertaining to nanotechnology is in a(More)
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