Martin Frimmer

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We report an experimental technique to map and exploit the local density of optical states of arbitrary planar nanophotonic structures. The method relies on positioning a spontaneous emitter attached to a scanning probe deterministically and reversibly with respect to its photonic environment while measuring its lifetime. We demonstrate the method by(More)
We present experimental observations of strong electric and magnetic interactions between split ring resonators (SRRs) in metamaterials. We fabricated near-infrared planar metamaterials with different inter-SRR spacings along different directions. Our transmission measurements show blueshifts and redshifts of the magnetic resonance, depending on SRR(More)
We present measurements on plasmonic metamolecules under local excitation using cathodoluminescence which show a spatial redistribution of the local density of optical states at the same frequency where a sharp spectral Fano feature in extinction has been observed. Our analytical model shows that both near- and far-field effects arise due to interference of(More)
Progress to reduce nonradiative Auger decay in colloidal nanocrystals has recently been made by growing thick shells. However, the physics of Auger suppression is not yet fully understood. Here, we examine the dynamics and spectral characteristics of single CdSe-dot-in-CdS-rod nanocrystals. These exhibit blinking due to charging/discharging, as well as(More)
Silicon nanowires have been grown with gallium as catalyst by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. The morphology and crystalline structure has been studied by electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy as a function of growth temperature and catalyst thickness. We observe that the crystalline quality of the wires increases with the temperature at(More)
We experimentally demonstrate control of the rate of spontaneous emission in a tunable hybrid photonic system that consists of two canonical building blocks for spontaneous emission control, an optical antenna and a mirror, each providing a modification of the local density of optical states (LDOS). We couple fluorophores to a plasmonic antenna to create a(More)
In optomechanics, electromagnetic fields are harnessed to control a single mode of a mechanically compliant system, while other mechanical degrees of freedom remain unaffected due to the modes' mutual orthogonality and high quality factor. Extension of the optical control beyond the directly addressed mode would require a controlled coupling between(More)
The interference pattern observed in Young's double-slit experiment is intimately related to the statistical correlations of the waves emitted by the slits. As the waves in the slits become more correlated, the visibility of the interference pattern increases. Here, we experimentally modulate the statistical correlations between the optical fields emitted(More)
Crystals of cytoplasmic (porcine liver) actin in complex with deoxyribonuclease I (DNAase I) were prepared for structural determination by X-ray-diffraction analysis. The crystallization of porcine liver actin-DNAase I complex is preceded by a brief treatment with immobilized trypsin, whereby a C-terminal tri- or di-peptide including cysteine-374 is removed(More)