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The VfLb29 leghemoglobin gene promoter was polymerase chain reaction-amplified from a Vicia faba genomic library and was fused to the gusAint coding region. Expression of the chimeric gene was(More)
To investigate similarities between symbiotic interactions of broad bean (Vicia faba) with rhizobia and mycorrhizal fungi, plant gene expression induced by both microsymbionts was compared. We(More)
A full-length cDNA encoding the Vicia faba L. early nodulin VfEnod12 was isolated. The deduced protein sequence specified a 90 amino acid protein with a MW of 10206 and contained a putative signal(More)
A nodule-specific cDNA was isolated from a Vicia faba L. nodule cDNA library. Since time course experiments revealed an early expression of this transcript in the nodule, this cDNA coded for an early(More)
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