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Gypsy Economy: Romani Livelihoods and Notions of Worth in the 21st Century
The gypsy economy is fully embedded into the market. This is the initial remark of Gypsy Economy. The book was edited by Micol Brazzabeni, Manuela Ivone Cunha and Martin Fotta, and the afterword toExpand
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The Figure of the Gypsy (Cigano) as a Signpost for Crises of the Social Hierarchy (Bahia, 1590s–1900s)
  • Martin Fotta
  • Sociology
  • International Review of Social History
  • 1 August 2020
Abstract Gypsies (Ciganos in Portuguese) have been present in Brazil since the earliest days of Portuguese colonization. Part of the (free) masses (o povo, “the people”), they were known primarily asExpand
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Chapter 4 Deferred Payments and the Expanding Moment of Caloninity
This chapter examines how deferred payments among Calon men co-constitute Calon sociality. Among Calon, any sale or loan highlights the autonomy and equality of parties involved, and always resultsExpand
Chapter 2 Household Fixity As a Process
This chapter reveals the constant effort that goes into the stabilisation of households, demonstrating how the ties that make Calon families strong also make them vulnerable. The analysis focuses onExpand
Chapter 1 ‘There Are Ciganos in the Town’
This chapter gives an account of Calon spatiality and their non-sedentary relationship to places. It argues that Calon settlements—which emerge around influential men (strongmen)—are unstableExpand
Chapter 3 Makers of Their Futures
The chapter discusses how Calon men gain the attributes of gendered social persons. It argues that an adult married man is expected to be able to demonstrate his valour and back up his claims withExpand
Non-sedentarism, Violence and Politics of Assertive Egalitarianism among Calon Gypsies of Bahia, Brazil
ABSTRACT The community life of Calon Romanies (Gypsies) in Bahia, northeast Brazil, is politically instituted through and by violence. Violence and fear of violence underlie Calon sociability andExpand
Chapter 5 Lending Money to Jurons
This chapter argues that Calon physical sustenance and societal reproduction are premised on the continuation of relationships with Jurons. Clients come from all social backgrounds. Calon aim toExpand
Tsiganes - Revue "Brésil(s)".
A l’ occasion de la publication du numero 2 de la revue "Bresil(s)". Le CRBC et l’UMR Mondes Americains presentent leur nouvelle revue electronique "Bresil(s) – Sciences humaines et sociales". Expand